2011 Art of Wine Festival

In 2012 I took more of a leadership role in the Art of Wine festival. The feel for the year first took shape with the Open that Bottle mailer, which used the wine pour photo to stunning effect.

From there it became about the pour and the splash with each representing their respective events. The pour seemed a little more elegant, so I combined it with the cool evening tones to create the elegant look for the Premier tasting, and the splash with all its vibrancy worked great for the lighter vibe of the Uncorked! Tasting. For the Winemaker’s Dinner, a classy even that bridged the gap between the two tastings, I combined the blue with the splash to create a perfect marriage between the two.

The result is pretty much of the opposite of the previous year, but after looking back on 2010’s creative with fresh eyes it felt like the more natural direction, and the results speak for themselves.

Walton Arts Center

Print, Branding