It’s really called “The new iPad”

March 7, 2012Blog, Tech

The not iPad 3 will drop March 16 with no surprises to speak of, just the high res display, better GPU, and LTE that we all knew was coming. It’s an evolution instead of a revolution (Even though Apple’s home page calls it “Resolutionary”. Yep, Apple has resorted to bad puns to describe its products, … Read More

Does Facebook really need a desktop messenger app?

March 5, 2012Blog, Tech

These days, most people get by just fine without a desktop IM app, thanks largely to Facebook Chat and Google Talk in Gmail. Sure, there are still multiprotocol apps out there like Adium, Digsby, Trillian, and Pidgin, but the days of single-function messengers are largely gone. So why, in this day and age, would Facebook … Read More

Samsung is out of control

February 29, 2012Blog, Tech

I last wrote about how HTC manned up, took my advice, and stopped making so many damn phones. I compared their new One line to Samsung’s Galaxy family, the pinnacle example of a cohesive line of carrier-branded phones. Well, the tables have now turned, and Samsung is the offending party. I’ll leave all of the … Read More