We all know Comic Sans. It’s scorn in the design world was so great that it spilled over to the regular world. Teachers, small business owners, and flyer-makers everywhere thought twice when creating something to tape to a door or put on a telephone pole. It even has it’s own website in bancomicsans.com. But the time has come to pass the torch to a new typographic assault on good taste. That’s right, it’s time to ban Papyrus.

Originally the preferred font for candles stores, day spas, and ancient Egyptian scribes, it has since spread it’s ugly tendrils to every facet of life. I see it constantly on business hours signs. It’s creeping it’s way onto restaurants and hobby stores. I’ve even seen it used on a paint company. People seem to be attracted to it’s outdoorsy and rustic style. It gives their lost kitten flyers a down to earth, cosy feel otherwise unachievable. It also looks like complete garbage.

Your logo sucks!

Some people out there seem to think that the only good fonts are the ones that are loud and gimicky. Helvetica and Verdana, as time-tested and classy as they may be, just don’t get the message across for them. They need their signs to appear as if they were written on a scroll made of reeds from 2,000 years ago. Why not just write your stupid “Closed because of rat feces in our food” sign in coptic and get the full effect?

What disturbs me the most about this visual attack on typography is that people have to seek it out. No version of Microsoft Word or Photoshop that I’ve ever opened defaults to Papyrus. Not content with Times, Courier, or Arial, people are scrolling down the list and choosing this disaster of a font AS IF IT WERE A GOOD IDEA. Guess what lady who owns a sewing shop, IT ISN’T.

Now I need to point out that I don’t plan on registering banpapyrus.com anytime soon. I won’t be organizing any marches, protests, or organized displays of any kind. I simply wanted to get the word out that this needs to come to an end. I’ve armed you with the information you need. Now go forth and use it wisely.

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