If you’re a regular visitor to the site, that would make you me. But if someone who isn’t me were to regularly visit, you’d notice a lot is different. Yesterday I got sick of the old site, and as I’m apt to do, did a complete redesign. The old layout served me well, and got me interested in keeping the site up, but after staring at the navigation for a few months, it became obvious that I just wasn’t going to make it work. It needed balance. What it got was stark whiteness.

Omitting some of the colors I’d chosen for my branding, as well as the parenthesis around my logo hurt (manly because of the $250 I’d paid to put those exact colors and logo on business cards), but I feel like it works better for the site. I hope it’s still close enough, and it’ll at least do until I blow the whole thing up and redesign it again in a couple of monts.

Anyway, I decided to split the blog up into two separate blogs; a latest work that will be the homepage, and this, which will function as my personal blog. I’ve never really gotten the hang of this “sharing my thoughts” thing with the outside world, but I hear google is more prone to indexing you when you have more content.

So, with that said, this is the new bpoecell.com. If anybody but me does happen to check it out, leave me some feedback. If you say nice things, I’m more likely to keep it like this and stop the endless tweaking that’s sure to come.

p.s. Typekit, you’re awesome and I like my custom fonts, but that little tab you put down in the bottom right corner of my site and won’t let me get rid of until I pay is really irritating. I understand that you need something to make people like me who don’t get a lot of page views pay for your service, but seriously. There has to be a better way!

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