I last wrote about how HTC manned up, took my advice, and stopped making so many damn phones. I compared their new One line to Samsung’s Galaxy family, the pinnacle example of a cohesive line of carrier-branded phones. Well, the tables have now turned, and Samsung is the offending party. I’ll leave all of the Galaxy phone variants out of this, because most of those are aimed at different markets and won’t cannibalize sales of the main line. Instead, we’ll focus on real problem: Samsung is batshit over tablets.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line has a 10.1″, 7″, and 8.9″, with 16 and 32 GB variants, with or without 3G. If that wasn’t enough, they just announced the Galaxy Note 10.1, which is set to become the high end tablet, and if I know Samsung, that will get all of the different sizes as well. That’s a total of 12 Galaxy Tabs, and if my prediction is correct, there will be 12 more Galaxy Note tablets. That’s 24 freaking tablets from one company.

What the HELL is the point in all this? Let’s look at the state of the tablet market; Apple owns it, and they own it by a huge margin. They dominate for two reasons: they got there first, and they got it right the first time. Not only did they create the category, but the 9.7″ tablet was the perfect size. It didn’t feel too large in your hands, and it was large enough to make it a different experience than a phone. There were three different storage capacities, and each came in a 3G flavor if you wanted it. It was simple, and it sold like gangbusters.

Now Apple has competition from the likes of Asus, Acer, Motorolla, Amazon, and the aforementioned Samsung. The tablet market has been diluted by a flood of Android tablets that are nigh indistinguishable to the average consumer. Not only is Samsung competing with all of these other manufacturers as they try to claw away at Apple’s lead, by fragmenting its line this badly they’re competing with themselves.

I’ll go ahead and point out the fact that all of those companies that I listed in the previous paragraph also make tablets in different sizes, but by introducing the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung has made itself the biggest offender. Samsung, just put out a 10.1″ tablet and stop trying to cater to a market that doesn’t exist. The tablet was supposed to be a tweener device between a phone and a computer, and we don’t need one in between the tablet and the phone. You have two choices: keep going the way you are now, and never catch up to Apple, or create one badass tablet with a few different storage options and give yourself a fighting chance. You’re not going to get to the top of the mountain by having the most, you’re going to get there by having the best.

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