That’s what I realized yesterday after installing a nightly of Cyanogenmod 7.1 on my phone, which is at least the third time I’ve swapped ROMS in the last week. Before that it was MIUI, and before that an experimental build of Cyanogenmod 9. It’s a vicious cycle, and it doesn’t stop there. When I’m not putting my phone through hell, I’m breaking my Hackintosh and spending hours getting it to boot again, or staring at all of the newest tablets at Best Buy. I can’t freaking stop.

My poor wife just tunes me out most of the time when I’m rambling about a new kernel I’m trying out on my phone, or the new program I downloaded that’s supposed to be an alternative to iTunes that isn’t bloated and crumbling under its own weight. Who can blame her? None of it is important, relevant, or helpful knowledge to a normal human being. It’s just nonsensical jargon that affects no one.

My Google Reader, which used to be my primary source of information, is clogged with tech feeds. I’m constantly reading reviews of phones that I’ll never own on Gizmodo, and then comparing that to the same review on Engadget. Did you know that the Droid Razr Maxx is built out of machine-cut aluminum, with a kevlar back and a 5.4″ gorilla glass screen? Of course you didn’t. Why would you? You’re not going to buy one, and even if you did, you’d just say “Yea, it has that nice stuff on the back. It’s pretty cool I guess”.

I’m never going to own it either, but that didn’t stop me from consuming and regurgitating those specs out without having to look them up. Shouldn’t I be throwing out my five favorite design studios instead? I love design too. It’s what I do, and I’m constantly doing what I can to get better at it, but it’s never really on the top of my mind. Do I just file that stuff a different way in my brain, as more of a visual vocabulary to draw from instead of an audible one? Who knows.

Maybe it’s good that I’m borderline obsessed with crap like that in my spare time. It pulls me away from design, which in turn helps me from getting burned out. Maybe the same part of my brain that likes solving visual problems at work likes solving kernel panics at home. Maybe I’m just weird.

Whatever the case may be, technology is only going to get more advanced (unless a zombie apocalypse puts us back in the stone age), which means my addiction will continue to be fed. If I could only figure out how to monetize it, I’ll be set. Whoa, I gotta go. A new optimized Twitter app just came out for Ice Cream Sandwich tablets…

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