When did Microsoft get so tasteful?

February 18, 2012Blog, Design, Tech

I’ve been so trained to expect bland, ugly crap from Microsoft and Windows that I’m still a little surprised whenever I see good design from them. But here we are, on the eve of the Windows 8 public beta, with a new metro logo that does away with the flag look that’s been in place … Read More

Beer: The Article

February 16, 2012Blog, Misc

As we hit mid-February, we’re almost finished with my favorite time of year. Fall/winter is where it’s at for me. Spring and summer usher in unbearable heat waves, reruns, and no decent sports on TV. In the fall, however, you’re greeted with optimal grilling conditions, the return of football, and the most important thing of … Read More

Mattel’s “real” Hoverboards suck

February 13, 2012Blog, Movies, Tech

This morning when I was perusing my news feeds, I saw a story from Gizmodo that made me more excited than I’d been since the last time I sank a couple hundred bucks on a new gadget; Mattel is making the Back to the Future Hoverboard. Ever since the day I first saw Back to … Read More