Hey, it’s a post about stuff!

March 27, 2012Blog, Tech

Ok, so I fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks and didn’t post. Part of it is I’ve been busy, and part of it is I haven’t had an idea for a post. Truthfully, I still don’t have an idea. Well, I don’t have an idea that will get me somewhere in the … Read More

AIM is no more

March 14, 2012Blog, Tech

Wow, it wasn’t even two weeks ago that I said that Facebook’s messenger and Gchat┬ásignaled the death knell of services like AIM. Turns out I was just a little early. Yesterday AOL relieved it’s AIM development team of their duties. While it’s still available to download, it’s now forever stuck in time as a relic … Read More

Apple, can you please stop suing everyone?

March 13, 2012Blog, Tech

I feel like I can’t go two days anymore without reading another story about an Apple lawsuit over an obscure patent. If it’s not Apple getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany, it’s Samsung filing a lawsuit against Apple in Korea over “data, user interface, and short text message” patents, or HTC losing a … Read More