Windows Phone 8: Not for me

June 20, 2012Blog, Cellphones, Tech

Windows Phone 8 is official, and Microsoft has confirmed what we’ve suspected for months: current handsets won’t be eligible for an upgrade. Instead, they’ll receive a stop-gap release called Windows Phone 7.8. Well that sucks. Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled that Microsoft is updating its OS to take advantage of superior hardware. That’s the … Read More

ASUS, fix your stupid tablet

June 16, 2012Blog, Tech

Last weekend I did something that I’d put off for a while: I rooted my Transformer Prime. Unlike my previous rooting efforts, however, this was not to install custom roms, make an image backup of my system, or side-load apps that weren’t available yet. I rooted it to make the fucking browser work. Ok, let … Read More

Windows 8: The future of computing?

June 3, 2012Blog, Tech

When I first heard that Microsoft was planning on making Windows 8 touch friendly in an attempt to break into the tablet market, I just shook my head. For years they’ve been trying to force traditional Windows onto slates with no success. I figured they would learn from Apple’s success and their own failures that … Read More