Aaron Anders T-Shirt Designs

I’m a wrestling nerd dating back to the late 90’s, and I always thought it would be cool to do something in that space but never knew how to break in. Then I met 2-time CPW Champion Aaron Anders. In between bonding over comic books and POP figures I threw out the offer to be his shirt designer, and here we are!

The first design borrows its style from the Japanese NES Pro Wrestling game, which serves as a nod to our nerd roots and a fun Easter Egg for old-school wrestling fans.

Number two is a medieval-style wax seal with a little Game of Thrones surprise if you translate the Latin around the edge.

Last is the shirt we were actually able to make, which was a quick-turn to take advantage of a match where Aaron got badly busted open, and ended up being his best-selling shirt ever.

Aaron Anders

Design, Illustration