2012 Art of Wine Festival

In 2012 the Art of Wine festival needed a refresh, and I was in the driver’s seat for it. Over the years each of the different events starting taking on a life of their own, and there was a need to show that Art of Wine was more than just wine.

The Uncorked! Friday Night Tasting that kicked off the festivities was more about having a great night out with your friends, and that’s vibe we went with, from the energy that the blue added to the imagery itself.

For the Winemaker’s Dinner we went with a fresh green, and for the menu I researched ways we could take it to the next level and break away from the 8” x 10” printed sheets we’d always done. The result was a folded pop-up menu that looked stunning when the tables were all set.

The Premier Tasting was all about the wine, so it was only natural to go with the deep red and wine imagery, creating a sophisticated but still fun feel that we also used for the event’s umbrella look.

In the end we had a look that gave each event its own unique vibe while still feeling cohesive and showed for the first time that the Art of Wine Festival was truly more than just wine.

Walton Arts Center

Branding, Print