What's a bpoecell?

That’s just me. My name is Billy Pope; my friend put that in his phone instead of my name 20 or so years ago, and people started calling me that. I know, great story. Anyway, I’m an Art Director with over a decade of experience in retail, branding, and entertainment. I’ve put signing campaigns and displays in stores nationwide, worked on projects for the biggest names in toys and movies, and designed logos for small businesses and individuals. No job is too big or too small.

What do I do?

Visual Design:
It’s time to take your *blank* to the next level. Does your business need a brand? I'll go beyond the basics and create a comprehensive toolkit that will give you everything you need to bring it all to life. Does your product need packaging? I’ll take your existing look and create something that’s both stunning and cost-effective. From logos to packaging to displays and at-shelf signage, I’ll give you what you need to make an impact.

Creative Consulting:
You have some of the pieces, but not enough to put the puzzle together. Maybe your initial design isn’t selling and you need a second opinion, or you’ve stalled at some point in the process and need to know what comes next. Don’t worry, I have the expertise to help get everything on track.

You have a cool idea but you need help bringing it to life. Maybe you need some sketches for that big investor meeting, or 3D renders that bring all the pieces together. Cool, I can help! I’ll work with you to push the envelope and deliver best-in-class designs that sell.

client logos

How can we work together?

Meet & Greet

The shaking of hands, exchanging of pleasantries, & storming of brains.


Talk scale, create timelines, align on cost, high five and nod confidently.


Pixie dust, rainbows, hazardous chemicals, & waaaaay too much coffee.


I show you something, you tell me something, I change something, etc...

final product
Final Product

The world is safe, the credits have rolled, & you have a shiny new thing. Huzzah!