The not iPad 3 will drop March 16 with no surprises to speak of, just the high res display, better GPU, and LTE that we all knew was coming. It’s an evolution instead of a revolution (Even though Apple’s home page calls it “Resolutionary”. Yep, Apple has resorted to bad puns to describe its products, hyperbole is no longer enough), and that’s fine. The tablet is what it is, and at this point is only as good as the software and apps that run on it. Ramping up the hardware allows the devs to make better, more powerful apps, and as Tim Cook pointed out in the presentation, apps are the main reason that Android tablets are left in the iPad’s dust.

But “The new iPad”? Really? Don’t get me wrong; dropping the number from the product name is long overdue (I’m looking at you iPhone). They did that a few generations ago with the iPod Touch, and no one seemed to notice or care. That’s obviously what they’re doing here, and I figured that calling it the new iPad was just for the purposes of the presentation. Nope. Go check out the Apple Store. It’s right there, and it made me cringe. I really hope it isn’t long before they drop the new and just start calling it the iPad.

Of course, the iPad 2 has been bumped down to the discount model, and that could cause problems of its own if the “new” does wear off. People who are already confused by technology (most people) and distrusting of the kids at Best Buy trying to sell them (rip them off over) a tablet aren’t going to like hearing that the iPad 2 is the old one. In an attempt to simplify their naming system, Apple may have inadvertently come up with one more confusing than the Rambo franchise.

All that aside, it looks like a stellar tablet. The processor brings it up to par with Android’s best offerings, and the screen puts it firmly atop the tablet market. Unfortunately, I live in Arkansas and no one reads my blog, so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it in person. I’m sure I’ll turn green with screen envy once I do, and fill my Transformer Prime with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Will I jump ship? Probably not. For all of the imperfections of Android, I like the integration with Google’s ecosystem, and that will keep me tethered to it for the near future. Well, at least until this latest offering from Cupertino becomes “The old iPad”.

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