Slow it down, Microsoft Office

February 12, 2011Blog, Tech

I’m sure you thought you were being helpful by putting all the apps from your suite in my dock. Now they’re just one click away! Well, the truth is I don’t like them. I only begrudgingly use them because I have to for work related things. Now I get the sincere pleasure of removing all … Read More

Hey HTC, do you have to make so many phones?

February 8, 2011Blog, Tech

I mean, seriously. Motorola keeps it’s flagships on Verizon for the most part. Droid, Droid 2, Droid X. Simple. Samsung has a phone on every carrier with a slightly different design, but identical specs. You have 30 different phones on every carrier with different sizes, names, specs, screens, flavors, colors, and form factors. And that’s … Read More

The Mac App Store

February 6, 2011Blog, Tech

My iPhone and iPad have apps. Apps like Reeder, Twitter, and Facebook that take their web-based content and reformat it to fit the smaller screens, providing a more touch-friendly experience. My MacBook Pro and Hackintosh have applications and programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro and Google Chrome. They harness the powerful graphics and processing … Read More