Papyrus: The new Comic Sans

January 30, 2011Blog, Typography

We all know Comic Sans. It’s scorn in the design world was so great that it spilled over to the regular world. Teachers, small business owners, and flyer-makers everywhere thought twice when creating something to tape to a door or put on a telephone pole. It even has it’s own website in But the … Read More

Ok Typekit, you win

January 28, 2011Blog, Typography

Looking at that little tab for a couple of days finally got to me. A designer can only look at a foreign element on his design for so long before he just can’t take it anymore, and my will has been broken. But now that little tab is gone forever, and gone with it is … Read More

What’s the deal with Facebook?

January 26, 2011Blog, Tech

I’m not a big Facebook user. I couldn’t tell you what changes the latest update made, and I don’t even know where to find the birthdays anymore. But I do have to use Facebook at work. I’m in charge of creating and managing all of our ads, so I have to spend about 30 minutes … Read More